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Olive Oil 101


Have you ever wondered what makes olive oil Virgin or Extra Virgin? This may come up as unknown to many people. At Chex, we found it helpful to do a little research to answer these questions you may have!

The Perfect Homemade Vinaigrette

best balsamic vinaigrette

The Perfect Homemade Vinaigrette

Here’s a basic, but delicious, vinaigrette dressing recipe! This one takes about five minutes to make, and only requires six ingredients! Impress anyone at your next dinner party with this homemade salad dressing!

How to Make Traditional Olive Oil (Video)

Olive oil has been a staple food in the Mediterranean for thousands of years, and some olive trees which are hundreds of years old still bear fruit. The process for making this product is relatively simple, especially as it is practiced in rural areas of Greece and Italy. Commercial olive processing is somewhat more complex, but it still relies on the same basic principle: crushing the olives to release the oil trapped inside. Here’s one of our favorite videos that maps out the process of making traditional olive oil: