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The History of Potato Chips


Potato chips can be found in any household and are seen at any BBQ or football game viewing. They are a delicious snack simply made from thin slices of potato that are deep fried or baked until crunchy. Basic chips are cooked then salted, but it seems like the flavors among potato chips are endless these days.


Have you ever wondered how they became so popular? Or who thought of the idea? Let’s take a look.

According to a traditional story, the very first batch of potato chips was created in Saratoga Springs, New York. It has been said that this happened all the way back to 1853 by Chef George Crum. Crum was trying to please an unsatisfied customer. He sliced their potatoes very thin, fried them until crisp and seasoned them with salt. What a success! The customer loved them. They soon became known as “Saratoga Chips.” And the rest was history! It’s safe to say that potato chips are familiar to most people and enjoyed by even more.

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The History of Popcorn


Popcorn has been around for much longer than many people think. Its history can be traced back to as early as 4700 B.C, where it was first cultivated by the people living in what is now Peru.


Here are some key highlights in popping corn history:

1492 – As Columbus set foot on American soil, popcorn was there, too! Native Americans greeted Columbus snacking on popcorn and wore fashionable popcorn “necklaces”

1700 – Colonial women made the first tasty breakfast cereal by pouring milk and sugar over popcorn.

1885 – The first popcorn “machine” was invented. Until then, poppers were made to sit in front of stores to attract attention.

1980 – Microwavable popcorn was introduced.

Today­ – Americans consume roughly 17.3 billion quarts of popcorn each year!

It’s no doubt that popcorn has remained a favorite snack for centuries!

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