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Tea Brewing 101

brewing tea

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is not as simple as it may seem; there are various ways to brew the perfect cup – involving the right combination of these six factors:


Tea Quality: use the best that is available to you, visit specialty shops and natural food stores to find teas without additives and natural flavors.

Water quality: water makes up 90 percent of the final product, so make sure it’s good quality. Tap water is fine as long as it tastes good by itself. Do not use distilled water.

Tea to Water Ratio: generally use 1 rounded teaspoon per 8 oz. water – but refer to specific instructions if available.

Steeping Temperature: this varies depending on the type of tea, usually being higher for stronger teas like black tea.

Steeping Time: varies with the different types ranging from 2-3 minutes for white teas to 7-8 minutes for Puerh teas.

Expansion: the leaf should expand 3-5 times in size, so the pot should allow for such expansion.

Remove the Tea: if the tea stands for too long in the water it will have a tendency to turn bitter. As soon as the tea is steeped for the suggested time, remove the tea leaves from the liquid.

Today, tea is grown in Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Tanzania, Malawi, Zaire, China, Argentina and many other places around the world.

So now that you know the tea basics, go grab yourself a cup!